We’re a month into preschool and so far my favorite part of it – besides having 7.5 hours a week with just one minion to chase – is the artwork that Evelyn brings home.

If I’m being honest,  I tend to micro-manage most ( er – all) of the projects we do at home — as evidenced by these apple trees we made.


Clearly Alex still let me help with his. Or, I did the whole thing because we were at library class and he could have cared less about making an apple tree. After bringing home my masterpiece and proudly hanging it on the fridge, Evelyn saw it and wanted to make one of her own. So I cut out a trunk and the leaves for her, and that’s where my involvement ended.

I think it’s clear who’s tree is growing the organic apples and who is using growth hormones.

While I’m working to let go of my arts and crafts perfectionism, I’m embracing the creativity her independent artwork shows. Like the self portrait she brought home, for example.


I think my daughter is perfect as she is, but apparently she looked in the mirror and saw room for some improvements. I think she plans on taking this in next week for her 3-year check-up and asking for some cosmetic “improvements”. Telly Monster’s nose, for example. That should be a first for the plastic surgeon. Looks like she’s also in the market for an eye enlargement, just on the right side, and will likely be asking to cut bangs sooner than later. Also it seems like she’s over the whole Peter Pan collar thing and wants a basic black turtleneck. These are things I’m glad to know, it’s good to be prepared for those conversations.

Then there’s this.


First, I love the figure they’re coloring in. It looks more like this guy from Mulan than a preschooler:


Also, they must be learning about hair and eye color, because she’s really got that down.

But mostly love her “meet me” section in this. Never have I ever seen her play with a baby doll unless forced (by me) and even then it’s a lot of holding the poor thing by the ankles. Maybe she likes the babies at school better.

And she can absolutely go potty by herself 😳💩


This kid has been day trained since 18 months. She has a bladder the size of an elephant and if nap time isn’t in the equation for the day she can literally go sunup to sundown and use the bathroom maybe once. But close that door for quiet time and all of a sudden she just HAS to go potty 17 times. Or, on the glorious days like the one pictured above, she starts to go during rest time and decides to finish things off in the bathroom. Suffice it to say that naptime is no longer my favorite part of the day, or even slightly restful for me.

But back to art. My favorite piece of recent artwork came in the form of a magna-doodle, the morning after one of our many talks about the new baby. We’d spent a good half hour talking about the baby in my belly – Evelyn had been very curious about how it had gotten there and how it was coming out.

Next morning I was cleaning up after breakfast and hadn’t heard a peep from her in over 45 seconds, which is highly suspicious. So I went in to check on her and found her hovered over this:


“Ummm…” I said.

That was it. Just ummm. I cleared my throat and tried again.

“Wow! Looks like you’ve worked really hard on … that. What is it?”

“It’s for the new baby!” She said.

“How detailed did I get yesterday?” I asked myself, then asked her:

“What is it … for the new baby?”

“Balloons,” she replied.

Ahhhh, yes, of course. Balloons. I should have known to think outside the box, considering her recent painting of me:


I’m officially offended. Charmed, but offended.

Can’t wait to see what she brings home next week!