There are certain things you find as a parent – like poop on new carpet or a month-old cup of milk under the couch – that are hard to find the humor in.

Then there are others, like when the entire upstairs has been toilet-papered but your toddler is so cute as she’s crying that she was just trying to “Wipe her butttttttt” that it’s hard not to start laughing.

There is little that strikes me funnier during the day than happening upon a scene Evelyn has just abandoned. Her mind is equally fascinating and terrifying, as evidenced by this manger scene I found last Christmas.


My assessment is that the baby Jesus is being held hostage by one of the three kings on the roof, while a distraught Mary searches for him in the carnage of a fruit cart accident involving her husband, the livestock, and one of the herald angels. (I was surprised to see that there was a fruit cart at the birth of Jesus, but that’s Fischer Price’s doing, not Evelyn’s.) I think the Donkey is behind the whole thing. He looks way too relaxed, eating his hay like “Nothing to see here, move along.”

I was equally entertained by this picture Evelyn put together in her sticker book.


I’m concerned that neither the riders nor judges look as though they think this scene is out of the ordinary, and I won’t even talk about what it looks like the one in yellow is in the middle of doing. I am glad that she decided to get at least one of the riders dressed –  it’s a step in the right direction, but I think a turtleneck is the wrong look for that haircut. I’ll need to have a talk with her about that.

Equally entertaining is where she chooses to squirrel things away. Like this day, when Eric and I spent all morning looking for the DVD remote. I received this text from him that afternoon.


Evidently she thinks we should keep the remotes in the pantry.

I’m under the impression she is working on a book about home organization, because that same week I discovered that she thinks her jewelry should be stored here…


…and I’m constantly finding my picture frames moved to places like this:


or this:


I’m thinking she has some very small imaginary friends who she thinks would like to look at our pictures, and who also like to hang out exclusively around doors.

She’s thoughtful like that. She treats her lovies well:


And she lets her toys take liberties I wouldn’t, like when she I found the sailor statue from Alex’s room in her dresser, relieving himself on her pants.


A few weeks ago we hosted a Raclette Dinner, in which the main course is cheese and potatoes. The next day as I was cleaning up the play room during nap time, I came upon this.


For starters, I didn’t even know we had any potatoes left over. Second, I have no idea how she got into the fridge to retrieve it. Third, and probably most importantly, I’ve no idea why she considered it important that the potato reside next to the Zany Zoo.

Yesterday’s discovery was especially concerning.


We haven’t talked much about careers, but it looks like she and I are going to need to sit down and talk about who can and cannot pilot a commercial jet. The sole passenger looks a little anxious, and I don’t blame her. She’s probably the only person in the world right now wishing she was flying United instead.

The night after stumbling upon the hostage scene at the manger, I found this in the middle of the kitchen.


It looks like Mary was bowing to Jesus. This might be the case. But my opinion is that she was so exhausted from her ordeal that she’d passed out facedown on the kitchen floor.

I feel ya, sister. Any night now Eric might come home to find me in the same position, after too long a day cleaning up these scenes.

Talk about happening upon a scene Evelyn has just abandoned. I just hope he finds it as funny as I do.